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Perimeter Security

Permanent security fencing is a must not only for any business wishing to protect their premises and contents from the threat of thieves and vandals, but also for any area posing a risk to the general public such as railways, electricity sub stations, reservoirs and motorways. Safe Site Facilities are a leading UK supplier of security fencing; whether you are looking for security fencing hire or to install permanent metal fencing, we can provide a total security solution.

Security Fencing Wire

A security fence is a necessity around schools and colleges to protect students from any external threat during the day, and protect the educational buildings by night. Security fencing panels can be erected in combination with security fencing gates for either vehicular or pedestrian access to control all entry and exit points.

Metal fencing is a popular choice for many businesses situated on business parks and industrial estates which can often become a target for thieves at nightfall when the site becomes deserted. Metal security fencing can be constructed in a range of sizes with anti climb devices, designed to deter even the most determined criminal.

Building site security fencing is becoming more and more common particularly on larger construction sites, both to protect the public from potential hazards and to protect expensive tools and materials from thieves.

Safe Site Facilities are able to supply and install numerous types of security fencing within days, from metal fencing to high security fencing. Steel security fencing offers a cost effective security solution, providing a formidable barrier of great strength and rigidity. Whether you are looking for security fencing for commercial use or additional protection for your home, we can advise on and supply the right site security fencing for you.

The security fencing of choice for numerous sites across the UK, steel palisade fencing provides a formidable barrier against thieves and vandals looking to gain access to premises. Steel palisade fencing is constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Palisade steel fencing is available in either a ‘D’ or ‘W’ profile, each designed to provide its own level of security.

High security palisade fencing is constructed of the ‘W’ section palisade, secured with 8mm shear cone security bolts. Palisade fencing is by design almost impossible to climb, and security can be enhanced by opting for triple pointed spikes at the top of each vertical pale. Furthermore, extensions can by supplied for the addition of extra anti-climb devices such as razor wire ensuring your premises are well and truly protected.

Palisade fencing is available in a range of heights and finishes including galvanised and powder coated in blue, red, green, black or white. With so many options available it is no wonder that palisade fencing can be seen protecting businesses and public areas nationwide.

Palisade security fencing is constructed of steel uprights with open slots in between. The slots not only allow the window to pass through resulting in a much more robust barrier than steel hoarding, but allows for a much more attractive appearance. Palisade fencing is not restricted to business or commercial use, a palisade steel fence can provide an attractive yet secure barrier around a residential property.

Safe Site Facilities are a UK wide supplier of palisade fencing. Whether you are looking for a high security full site solution for your business premises, or simply to increase the security of your home, call us today on 0845 463 5421 to put your security fears at rest.

Concrete barrier blocks or jersey barriers are a simple and effective way to secure your empty premises against unwelcome visits from trespassers, vandals, fly tippers and travellers. Concrete security barriers may be placed across the access to a property, or around the perimeter to block vehicular access. We provide concrete sleepers in either 2.5 metre or 3 metre lengths, which can be bolted together with our state of the art interlocking system to create a virtually impenetrable concrete barrier.

Temporary concrete road barriers are a useful tool in traffic management, to safely control traffic flows. Concrete safety barriers are a common site in car parks, used to define entry and exit lanes and to protect traffic from straying into oncoming lanes. Concrete road barriers may be used to secure building sites and road works, protecting both the passing public and workforce within.

concrete barriers

The integral properties of concrete barricades make them the safety barrier of choice in a number of scenarios. The immense weight of a concrete step barrier can be used in earth retention to safely prevent landslides. Concrete safety barriers can provide a solid barrier around water hazards or other dangerous area.

As concrete barrier suppliers, Safe Site Facilities are able to deploy concrete security blocks in a matter of hours, to ensure your site remains safe and protected. Our concrete barriers may be personalised with your company logo to maintain a strong presence, or enhanced with the addition of anti climb fencing for additional security.

Concrete Barriers with Fence

QSS offer a range of precast concrete barriers which can be enhanced by the addition of fencing for increased security.

concrete barrier with fence.

Concrete barriers with fencing are a popular choice for surrounding the perimeter of a site compound or vacant property to provide superior protection. As part of the full site security services we offer, we can install our three tonne concrete barriers around your perimeter, locked together with our state of the art interlocking system providing you with a complete block against unauthorised vehicular access. By mounting anti-climb fence to the top of your concrete security blocks, we will create a virtually impenetrable secure boundary. This type of concrete barrier with fence will secure your property against all manner of unwelcome visitors, be it fly tippers, travellers, squatters, vandals or thieves.

A jersey barrier with fence added may be used around a building site, serving not only to prevent against unlawful access into the site but also to protect the passing public from falling debris.

Adding security fencing to concrete sleepers is a fast and easy process. Our concrete block barriers have special grooves cut into the top to allow for the attachment of a fence in no time at all.

We have a choice of concrete barriers for hire across the UK. Whether you are looking for long or short term hire, or are working with unknown timescales, we are here to help. We can deliver temporary concrete barriers with fence at times to suit you; and when your concrete blocks are no longer required their collection can be easily arranged with just one phone call. If you prefer to buy your own we offer concrete barriers for sale, complete with a buy back option if required. Call us today to discuss your options.